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Simplify your workday

Why linkbiz?

«Where can i find my vacation schedule?». «Hey guys, where can I find the Excel sheet with the updated sales forecast?». «Where can I find the link to request an IT support ticket?».

On average, we spend 19.8% of our day searching for documents, files, and information. That’s around a little under two hours a day … or 10 hours a week.

linkbiz aims to reduce time waste, allowing you to go through your day with ease and peace of mind.

A single link for all, where employees, applicants and stakeholders can find everything they need.

It’s a way to offer a simple experience from our side, with just one link.

It’ simple.

Easier than a link. It’s linkbiz!

It’s work-friendly.

Designed to boost collaboration and productivity.

It’s social.

Everyone in the company can contribute by suggesting the most useful links.

It’s measurable.

You’ll always know what are the go-to links.

Every linkbiz is unique.

Colors and images are always set according to your brand identity.

How does it work?

It’s super easy! You just need to select the linkbiz of choice at www.link.biz, choose the links you prefer, and customize the logo and images.

All set! As simple as a link.biz

Get your link.biz ASAP: its simple, safe, social.

Make your linkbiz become famous!

Glickon’s linkbiz. Get to know it!

Share it on your company LinkedIn and as a customizable button.

Don’t know how?

Post it on your stories and hand it over to internal communications!

linkbizzes we love ❤

Get inspired by those that have already built their extraordinary linkbiz.

Along its social links and its career page, KPMG Italy enlisted in its linkbiz a link to Level Up Your Future, a challenge for newly graduates built with Glickon.
In its linkbiz, Italian martech leader firm Jakala built a complete experience meant for candidates and applicants, with all the info they need in order to feel excited and bring their application to its ending point.
Successori Reda’s linkbiz was built for external share. It includes access to employee area, websites that are relevant to brand identity and a link to a survey where employees are able to suggest what links they’d prefer to have.

Start simplifying your workday now, with linkbiz.

Your company will not be able to live without it.

Employee Experience made stunningly simple and fun.